Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Term 1, 2018

Welcome to Room 2.

We have had a fantastic and very busy start to our term.

Beach Education was a very successful day and we were lucky to have group of parents to help support us getting into the water...... thank you all.

Discovery Time is a wonderful exploration of creativity. We have a focus for the children  each week, such as joining in and trying new things, working in new spaces, and taking turns and sharing. This is a really special time for the teachers to support and coach children to play and create positive relationships with each other. Last week our origami workshop, led by Jackson in Room 2, turned into waka making with passengers and oars attached. It is amzing how when we allow children the freedom to explore, what evolves for them and the sense of pride they feel.

Another wonderful event was the Junior Try-athalon. We had fantastic support from the community and some of Year 5 and 6 students were on hand to help the children complete the course..... I wonder if this may have inspired our little people to look at the
Weetbix Try-athlon in the coming years.

As the weather turns cooler, finally, we will be finishing swimming on Friday 16th March. The focus for these sessions is floatation and buoyancy. The children have also been practising getting to the side and holding on.. then pulling themselves out using their core strength. This programme is designed by Swimming New Zealand and teaches children what to do if they fall into a pool.  To complete our Aquatics unit, we will be having a short display of what we have been working on during our swimming sessions.... do join us if you can at 1.45pm.

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